Prayer for a Wife for Isaac; Praying for a Spouse Today

Rebecca and Abraham's Servant at the Well exhibited 1833 by William Hilton the Younger 1786-1839

[Genesis 24:12-14 KJV] 12 He said, “O LORD, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today, and show lovingkindness to my master Abraham.  13. Behold, I am standing by the spring, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water,  14. now may it be that the girl to whom I say, ‘Please let down your jar so that I may drink,’ and who answers, ‘Drink, and I will water your camels also’ – may she be the one whom You have appointed for Your servant Isaac; and by this I will know that you have shown lovingkindness to my master.

The time had come to choose a wife for Isaac.  Abraham had called his oldest servant in to him and had him swear not to get a wife for Isaac from the Canaanites, but to go back to his home and get a wife from his family.  Abraham was very direct when he told his servant not to take Isaac back to the homeland, but to bring his wife to him because God had promised to give his descendants the land they were currently in (Israel).  Abraham’s servant did not take this oath lightly.  He was so sincere in his vow that he prayed!  He asked for success in his trip, lovingkindness to Abraham, and clarity so that he knew he was selecting the appropriate bride, the bride of God’s choosing for Isaac.

What would our lives be like today if we still took the time to pray and ask God to send us the person HE chooses for us to marry, rather than us choosing?  Would the divorce rates go down?  I believe God has a plan for all of us.  I believe we should ask God to send us our life partner, the one He chooses for us to spend our lives with.  You may be asking yourself, “Well, Regina, is this what you did?”  To answer that, NO. That is not what I did.  I wish I had.  I have a wonderful husband, but we have gone through many trials and tribulations together.  We have had to work harder than some others to make this a successful marriage.  God has blessed us for that work and not giving up on one another, but man, sometimes it was really hard.  I have to wonder, would we have had to go through so much if we had prayed God’s choice for us?

Having thrown those questions out, I will say this.  I wouldn’t trade my marriage for anything in the world!  I cannot say whether or not this is the husband God would have chosen for me, but I can say, that His blessing is on my marriage; and for that I am eternally grateful!  Even if one prays for God to send their spouse to them, a marriage takes work from both parties.  If you are a wife, cover your husband in prayer!  If you are a husband, cover your wife in prayer!  Covering them in prayer is an act of LOVE!

If there is something about your spouse that you would like to see changed, don’t pray, “Lord, change him.” Instead, look in the mirror and say, “Lord, show me what it is about me that I need to change.”  When you seek self correction and change from God, and implement those changes, you will begin to see changes in your husband.  Looking at him is like looking in a mirror, so what you want changed in him is probably rooted in you and needs to be addressed.

We cannot change others, even our spouses, because they, too, are created with a free will and have the right to make the choices they make.  We can, however, choose to change ourselves, and reap the blessings of those changes.  Do not give up on your marriage.  Times may be hard.  You may even feel like your husband/wife has done the worst possible thing; but if you aren’t being abused, don’t give up.  Cover them in prayer.  Ask God to change the way you see them.  Ask him to allow you to love them the way He loves them.  These are things I have prayed in my life. I have seen these prayers answered. Love your spouse the way Isaac loved Rebekah.

If you are not married, but you desire to one day be married, pray for God to choose your spouse and send them to you the way He chose Rebekah for Isaac.  God makes no mistakes.  He knows who you need to be joined with, and if He chooses your spouse you will not be unequally yoked.



Father, I pray for each married couple reading this.  I ask you to bless their marriage.  Show them how to love one another as you love them.  Please heal their hearts of resentment and replace it with overflowing love.  Show each one the individual changes they should make to become the couple you would have them to be.  Please bring peace in their homes.  Please bless their children.  And Father, for those not yet married, I ask you to take the guessing out of the scenario.  Show them clearly who You have chosen for them.  Please bring them together in Your time, and bless them as you blessed Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Jacob and Leah.  In Jesus name.  Amen.


About Pastor Regina

Pastor Regina Sanders is a wife, mother, pastor, author, and teacher of Scripture. In January 2016 the Lord blessed her with an international satellite radio broadcast, allowing her to be heard beyond the borders of the United States. She was heard in places such as Hong Kong, Germany, and Canada. This broadcast lasted only about 4 ½ months as she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in May of 2016. Pastor Regina smiles and says, “God has a sense of humor. I was teaching a group about coming out of their shell of introversion. I was writing another book on this topic, and I had this radio broadcast, as well as, my weekly YouTube uploads, and I found myself in the hospital for 11 days. Upon coming home, I found myself either in the bed or on the couch unable to continue with the tasks I had before me. Lord, you healed me of introversion, and I find myself feeling completely isolated…” Today, Pastor Regina shares her journey through the valley of the shadow of death.
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