The Power of Bitachon (Trust in God), Part 2


We looked the other day at “The Power of Bitachon (Trust in God), Part 1.  I had thought to share Part 2 in yesterday’s post, but my plans were changed.  Instead, I needed to talk about Psalm 27.  Today, I share Part 2, but also want to connect it with Psalm 27.  If anyone watches the news at all, then you can see the condition of our nation and world.  Families are being attacked, we are struggling with the possibility of another war, and the economy is suffering.  Here is the good news, these negative things do not have control over our lives unless we allow them to.  We are NOT called to live in fear!  The news media seem to spread this fear with their reports, but the Bitachon, TRUST IN GOD, will rise up in us in the face of the adversary!  God is our protector.  He will allow us to experience things in life, but nothing happens that he doesn’t allow.  I share with you now, the link to “The Power of Bitachon (Trust in God), Part 2.”

Please click this link: and allow the Bitachon to rise in you as you pray Psalm 27 over our families, nation, world, and universe.  Let us unite together in this prayer and experience God’s protection over us.



Blessed be the LORD, who daily carries our burden; the God of our salvation. Psalm 68:19


About Pastor Regina

Pastor Regina Sanders is a wife, mother, pastor, author, and teacher of Scripture. In January 2016 the Lord blessed her with an international satellite radio broadcast, allowing her to be heard beyond the borders of the United States. She was heard in places such as Hong Kong, Germany, and Canada. This broadcast lasted only about 4 ½ months as she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in May of 2016. Pastor Regina smiles and says, “God has a sense of humor. I was teaching a group about coming out of their shell of introversion. I was writing another book on this topic, and I had this radio broadcast, as well as, my weekly YouTube uploads, and I found myself in the hospital for 11 days. Upon coming home, I found myself either in the bed or on the couch unable to continue with the tasks I had before me. Lord, you healed me of introversion, and I find myself feeling completely isolated…” Today, Pastor Regina shares her journey through the valley of the shadow of death.
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